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Woodland ParkThe Community of Celebration at Woodland Park was located in a beautiful setting in the shadow of Pike's Peak, some 8,000 feet up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It was a log cabin community, a site previously used for summer camps, and its life and spirit reflected something of the atmosphere of its location. It was essentially an American community, though it did include one or two English members. They were drawn from various sources: the Church of the Redeemer in Houston, other Celebration communities, other community groups within the United States.

Woodland Park had a ministry in the western United States that was very similar to the Celebration communities in Britain, though with its own characteristically "western" style. It included worship, teaching, counselling and therapeutic ministry. Recordings were made under the Celebration/Fisherfolk label, such as Willing to Row and The Sun's Gonna Shine. Like the other communities, it began to develop its own distinctive business activities, one such being the manufacture of jewellery in silver.

Woodland Park did not have the formal administrative links, such as existed between Cumbrae and Post Green and their associated Trusts. It was, however, a member community of the Society of the Community of Celebration (SCC), a structure linking all the Celebration communities. Annually, representatives of the communities would meet for discussions on matters of mutual interest, the locations of the meetings rotating between the various communities. Woodland Park was similarly affected by the "watershed" changes that took place in or about 1985. When it disbanded, some of its members joined the Community of Celebration in the UK, which ultimately relocated in Aliquippa (q.v.).

Pike's PeakSome 3000 feet higher than 'mile high city' (Denver, capital of the state of Colorado), the location of Woodland Park is in an area of outstanding natural beauty.


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