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Cathedral, CumbraeGraham Pulkingham was a priest in the Episcopal Church of the USA (ECUSA), of which the Scottish Episcopal Church is the parent. In 1975, he was appointed Provost of the Cathedral of the Isles, situated on the Isle of Cumbrae in the Firth of Clyde. The Cathedral had a former theological college, the College of the Holy Spirit, attached to the premises, and this became the primary base for the Community of Celebration for a number of years. It was also the registered office of the Trust (CCCT).

Cumbrae, as the Community was referred to in Celebration circles, forged links with other related communities, in particular Post Green (q.v.). It was the main centre for research and development of music in worship, gaining much of its income from royalties derived from the sales of recordings and songbooks.Three of its songbooks, Songs from Sound of Living Waters, Fresh Sounds and Cry Hosanna, made a significant contribution to church worship in the next decade, crossing all theological and denominational boundaries. Cumbrae was also the centre for the international ministry of the Fisherfolk, attracting many visitors from across the world.

It was at Cumbrae that the Community first began to put down long term roots. Early experiments in farming were followed by the purchase of the local bakery. Every effort was made to interact with the local people. Work also began on drafting a constitution, designed to establish the Community on a similar footing to the religious orders. By 1980 a first Chapter had been formed.

The next few years were a time of considerable change. The cultural conditions which had made community fashionable were changing, and not everyone wished to make life commitments. Some gifts necessary for research and development could not easily be replaced. When it proved impossible to re-negotiate the lease of the Cathedral premises, the decision was made to relocate. In 1985, the bulk of the Community moved to new premises in the town of Aliquippa, a few miles from Pittsburgh (USA)

Sunset at MillportSunset at Millport, the main town on Cumbrae. Close to the Isle of Arran, Cumbrae has a haunting beauty. Even though life was hard in some ways, many Community members have fond memories of the life they shared there.


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