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Maintaining a Celebration UK house requires continued communication between the UK and the USA. The Community discusses activity in Britain both informally and by means of a ‘UK Council’ which meets every year. This involves transatlantic travel in both directions. The UK members visit the Community at Aliquippa each year as part of their vocation.

The life of the Community of Celebration revolves around the rhythm of daily prayer. The UK members seek to maintain this in a modified form.

church meeting
Connecting with friends and
supporters in the UK
conference in USA
Visiting the Community of Celebration
at Aliquippa for special events...
household meal
...and just to spend time
meeting past members
Meeting up with past community


Like a taste of community?

The Community of Celebration at Aliquippa welcomes families and individuals of all ages who would like to experience a taste of community life. Visitors include gap year students, people on sabbatical, retreatants and short term visitors. Click the image below to connect to the Community's web site for more details.

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